After witnessing several incidents involving Options Public Charter School students and our neighbors, and then experiencing two very personal dangerous incidents involving students from Options and our 12-year old son, I felt the need to create a useful tool for the community to assist with the reporting and tracking of incidents and crimes involving Options Public Charter School.

For your own awareness, Options Public Charter School has made the agenda at the ANC 6A meeting already twice this year due to complaints from the community about the school and the students. After attending the latest ANC 6A meeting, meeting separately with the Metropolitan Police Department, engaging in a telephone conference with the DC Public Charter School Board, and meeting with Options, I’m devastated to learn of the magnitude of the ongoing issues in our community relating to the school, the complexity involved in reporting incidents, and the lack of identifying a permanent solution to ensure the safety of our families and the community.

Therefore, I have created this blog to assist you in reporting incidents involving Options Public Charter School. My promise to you… I will notify all key personnel of your incident immediately, and post all reports to the blog within two weeks of the incident. I hope this tool will lend a much smoother process for reporting and tracking incidents. Please make a note of this website, share it when necessary, and stay well.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Good work, Trish! Would also be nice if Tommy Wells office had this blog info on hand to give to folks who call their office to complain about Options as well…

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