April 10, 2013 – Incident

This afternoon, my son was targeted by Options students for a second time in a 2.5 week period. As he was leaving our home to ride his bike to an after school activity, a few students walking on Tennessee Avenue called out to one another, pointed at my son, and began chasing him. He rode to safety at Lincoln Park before calling me in tears.
I contacted the principle at Options for a second time, and she told me she had “not yet had an opportunity to hold an assembly to address the first incident with her students” – an offer she suggested and I accepted when the students threw rocks, pens and erasers at my son in our front yard after school on 22 March.
I also called the police for a second time. The officer arrived quickly, but refused to take a report. It would be unfair of me if I didn’t alert you to his demeanor about the incident. He told me that my family has chosen “to buy a home in a metropolitan area” – even asked where I was from. And then he told me that we have purchased our home next to “the single worst school in Washington, DC” and we need to realize things are not going to change. After some push back, he contacted his boss and requested that ‘rotating school security resources’ get shifted to our area immediately in hopes of catching these students after school.
We are deeply saddened by these incidents. At a time when a new home should be a feeling of warmth and comfort, we are working diligently to find new and inventive ways to change our lives and our schedules to be sure that our family is safe. Should you see anything suspicious at all, please contact the police immediately.
Warmest regards,

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