March 22, 2013 – Incident

Dear Neighbors

Our new neighbor’s son, a 12 year old, had a frightening interaction with some Options students at about 3:30 this afternoon. He regularly rides his bike home from school and on Mondays and Fridays the schedule is such that he often ends up coming down our block just as the Options kids are let out of school. This afternoon, some started shouting at him, calling him obscenities, and suggesting they would take his bike — then they started throwing things. Small things — erasers, pens, and — Finally rocks as large an adult fist. Luckily, none of the larger projectiles hit him and he was unhurt. The boy acted quickly and smartly, rushing into his house, locking the door behind him, and calling his parents. However, he was shaken up a good bit. The parents filed a police report — so there is a record of the incident. After our hard work in the fall and uneventful winter, it seems we may need to all be extra cautious as the nicer weather tempts students outside, wandering around and through our neighborhood.
As always — if you see anything suspicious or alarming — call the police.
Gimbiya and Kenneth Lim
5XX Tennessee Ave NE

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